VWL Week 2 Recap

If you weren't at the Venice Beach courts this weekend, no need to stress—we’ve got all the action right here! The place was buzzing with a stellar mix of streamers, guest players, and a hyped-up crowd. Stay tuned for this week's recap filled with highlights from Week 2 of VWL!

Game #1: Lady Sweat vs. Versatile 

The first VWL matchup of the week began with a slow start in the first quarter, but Lady Sweat came out swinging with a solid 6-0 lead. Team Versatile managed to make a slow comeback in quarter 2, but couldn't match Team Lady Sweat. Although there was a slow start, the game saw some action with players hustling on the court as well as some unexpected guests! A swarm of bees decided to join the game, causing a bit of chaos. However, chaos wasn’t just coming from the bees. Things got more intense in the fourth.  A player on team Lady Sweat got so heated that they chucked the ball out of bounds and caught a tech. Both teams began to pick up the intensity. However, Lady Sweat turned it up and sealed the deal with a solid 36-23 win. Ruth, repping #25, was on fire and snagged Player of the Game with a game-winning shot during a clutch iso play. It was definitely a game, full of intensity and unexpected moments. 

Game #2: NJS vs. GRG-OTF

The game started off slow but eventually NJS came out swinging, leading 12-6 by halftime. In the first quarter, Wendy (2 pts, 3 reb, 1 block) from GRG-OTF made things interesting with a buzzer-beating fadeaway, showing they weren't going down without a fight. To keep their lead NJS adjusted their strategy. NJS was attempting a ton of threes in the first half, but then switched gears in the second, focusing more on attacking the paint—and it paid off. The Player of the Game was Bri (8 pts, 3 reb, 1 ast, 2 blocks, 5 steals) from NJS, who came through with the game-winning shot in a clutch moment.GRG-OTF made great efforts, but NJS controlled the tempo and played their game all the way to the final buzzer.

Game #3: Timeless vs. WHN 

The final VWL game of the weekend lived up to the hype – as WHN came out firing on all cylinders, jumping out to an early 19-7 lead through the first quarter. Despite the slow start, Timeless surged back throughout the second half. Key buckets from Janae (16 pts), Christina (12 pts) and MJ (9 pts) brought Timeless to within striking distance – setting up a nail biting GameBreaker finish. Both teams excelled both defensively and crashing for rebounds on the glass down the stretch – but it was WHN that held on late. Impressive buckets from Ari (POTG, 23 pts) and a game-winning free throw by Estella sealed it, giving WHN a thrilling 41-39 win to close out Week 2.