VBL Season Start '24

The VBL and VWL are up and running and so be sure not to miss out on the upcoming events:

June 29-30: VBL / VWL Week 3

July 6: VBL / VWL Week 4

July 7: TBT Tournament (1 million$)

July 14: VBL Week 5

July 19: Ballislife x Nesquik 1v1 tournament

July 20, 21: International Summer Showdown Tournament

August 11: VBL / VWL Semi-Finals

August 18: VBL / VWL Finals/Legends Day

Sept. 6, 7, 8: Back To School Event


New feets in Venice, collection out now!


The PUMA x VENICEBALL collaboration is a space where basketball meets art. This new collection of hoops gear is inspired by the iconic mosaic tiles that adorn the Venice Beach courts.

“It’s been a lifelong dream to collab on a shoe design. To be the first streetball league to retail their own sneakers is a milestone for us and it sets the stage for the next generation of dreamers to build something special! Grateful to be a part of the Puma Fam since its inception.”

Nico & the Veniceball Fàm


Hoop Bus Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that amplifies community engagement through our vehicles of change. We partner with nonprofits, schools and brands to increase attendance, awareness and engagement at events, and spread love through basketball.

Make sure to check out The Hoopbus programs such as:

Court Renovation

PE Takeover

Back to School