Schedule/ Rankings

#1 BrandBlack All Stars (6-0)


#2 Hall of Fame (5-1)


#3 I’m Just Different (4-2)


#4 Alpha (4-2)


#5 Swagg Media (4-0)

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 2.23.01 PM

#6 Mean Ones (3-3)


#7 SPL (3-3)


#8  Sun Block (2-4)


#9  Court Side & World Peace (1-3)


#10 Pro Shot West (1-5)


#11 NCAA Boyz (1-5)


#12 White Collars (0-6)


Week 1 June 1st

12pm Brand Black VS Summer Pro League
1.30pm NCAA Boyz VS White Collars
2.45pm Hall Of Fame VS I’m Just different
4pm Pro Shot West VS The Mean Ones

Week 2 June 8th

12pm Pro Shot West VS White Collars
1.30pm Brand Black VS Alpha All Stars
2.45 pm NCAA Boyz VS SPL
4pm Sunblock VS I’m just Different

Week 3 June 22nd

12pm Pro Shot West VS I’m Just Different
1.30pm Brand Black VS The Mean Ones
2.30pm NCAA Boyz VS Hall Of Fame
3.30pm Sunblock VS Alpha All Stars
4.30pm SPL VS White Collars

Week 4 July 6th

12pm Pro Shot West VS SPL
1.30pm Brand Black VS Sunblock
2.30pm Alpha All Stars VS Hall Of Fame
4pm The Mean Ones VS I’m Just Different

Week 5 July 13th

12pm  SPL VS Swagg Media
1.30pm Alpha All Stars VS Court Side
2.30pm NCAA Boys VS I’m Just Different
3.30pm Hall of Fame VS Mean Ones
4.30pm Sunblock VS White Collars

Week 6 July 20th

12 pm White Collars VS Swagg Media
1.30pm Alpha All Stars VS The Mean Ones
2.45pm Sunblock VS Hall Of Fame
4pm Brand Black VS NCAA Boys
5pm Court Side VS Pro Shot West



VBL 13U ShootOut

9 am – ­ VBL vs Hoop Strong Warriors
9.45 am – ­ Game Time Elite vs Team 7 sports
11 am – ­ VBL VS Game Time Elite
11.45 am ­ – Team 7 sports VS Hoop Strong Warriors

1pm – VBL Game #1 Brand Black VS I’m Just Different
2.15 pm – Showcase Game
3.30 pm – Dunk Contest
4pm – VBL Game #2 Court Side VS Swagg Media
5pm VBL Game #3 NCAA Boys VS Mean Ones


VBL 13U CLINIC & ShootOut Part 2

9AM ­ 11am KVBL CAMP
11.15 am ­ VBL 13U vs Team 7 UP
12 pm ­ Hoop Strong Warriors vs Game Time Elite
12:45pm ­ Award Presentation

1pm Hall of Fame VS White Collars
2.15pm Alpha VS SPL
3.30pm Pro Shot West VS Swagg Media
4.45pm SunBlock VS Court Side
6pm Shutdown All Star Game

August 3rd

First Round Bye for #1-4

12pm #12 seed VS #5 seed

White Collars vs Swagg Media

1:30pm #11 seed VS #6 seed

NCAA Boys vs Mean Ones

2:45pm #10 seed VS #7 seed

Pro Shot vs SPL

4pm #9 seed VS #8 seed

Court Side  vs Sun Block

August 10th

12:30pm Game #1 Alpha vs White Collars

2:00pm Game #2 Hall of Fame vs SPL

3:30pm Game #3 I’m Just Different vs NCAA Boys

5:0opm Game #4 Brand Black vs Court Side

August 14th

Semi Finals – Hollywood Park  (Cahuenga Dome)

7:0opm Winner Game #2 vs Winner Game #3

8:30pm Winner Game #1 vs Wnnter Game #4

August 17th

Ron Beals Day / Finals

9am KVBL Showcase

12pm Battle of the Legends 50+

1:15pm 3rd Annual Bikini Ball

2:30pm VBL 2014 Championship Game

4:00pm Celebrity Game

5:00pm To The Top / Dunk Contest


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