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GAME PHOTO ACTION ( JULY 17th) by alexandra nataf

vbl_july17_ 3 1

PIC OF THE DAY I’ve been coming to the VBL for a few seasons now, and the atheles and competition keeps on getting stronger!! Being able to capture these incredible players is always inspiring and I love how everything is so improvised and in the moment… I never know what to expect! I love the vbl!! thank you for this ... Read More »

Tanjareen on episode 8: LEGEND’S DAY


Our usual court was taken over by the 4th Annual Supergirl Jam, so this week we were lucky enough to use the Legendary Court. ¬†Without DJs, music, or microphones, DB, Mouthpiece, & I took it old school and used our lungs to host. The games & crowds were so intense that I dare to say this was the BEST episode ... Read More »


WHO WILL IT BE? TEAM ADVANTAGE IS UNDEFEATED. This week will be a very special race to the playoffs since we will be playing on the original court nearest to the boardwalk. Strap on your seat belts we are about to take you to an other level. GAME 1 FREESTYLE GAME FREE AGENTS (2-3) VS KILL THE HYPE (2-4) GAME ... Read More »



As usual what a great day we had @ the KVBL with Rainbeau Mars enlightening them with a very special yoga class. The kids are really starting to understand the benefits of yoga! VBL: Sunblock took a big upset loss against The Free Agents, Kill The Hype are moving on up after beating on Venice Heat, Venice All Stars had ... Read More »

One Morning @ the KVBL


Kids will eat organic breakfast courtside with private chef… Learn¬† information about nutrition and simple ways to be healthy… Learn basketball techniques by some of the Best… Do some yoga to keep them flexible and stay away from injuries Have a nice walk on the beach and learn how to preserve our environment… Come home with a book that summarizes ... Read More »