Holiday Thanks!!

Happy Holidays! Special Thanks Sale until 2017! VeniceBall The Ball that Gives Back Buy One We give one to a Kid Happy Holidays, What a blessed year it has been! This year marked our ten year anniversary. With non stop action, from indoor to outdoor leagues, clinics for youth, and international tournaments & expeditions. We just wrapped up a series […]

VBL Week 6 @ Oakwood – Back to the Roots episode

We took the games back to the original Venice at Oakwood Rec in the heart of Venice. Metta World Peace had a series of challenges with the fans and the rest of the community! Was a fun day with lot of high flying action!! STAY TUNED TO FACEBOOK FOR HIGHLIGHTS

Schedule / Photos & Power Ranking #VBL winter League

Teams allow 30 min prior each game time to warm up and be ready to tip at the hour     POWER RANKINGS #1 Alpha All Stars 6-0 #2 NCAA Boys 3-2 #3 Free Agents 4-1 #4 JetLux 3-3 #5 No Limit 4-2 #6 Sunblock 3-3 #7 Ladera Park 2-3 #8 Go Athletics 0-5   […]

VBL on Begium’s #1 TV SHOW

David Dermez and Nico Sturm are some of the funniest comedians in Belgium. In this TV show they realize their 100 wildest wishes ever and come to Venice Beach to get the streetball experience!! Was a bit similar to the ones Cauet and French TV did last year. As you can see everyone loves our […]

A spiritual Journey #theVBL Episode 6

Once again picture are louder than words but here is a little bit of history to go along with the recap. The bell was presented by the Republic of Korea to the American people to celebrate the bicentennial of the United States and to symbolize friendship between the two nations. The effort was coordinated by […]

Schedule / Standing + Scores

Standings 1. ROTN 5-1 2. Mean Ones 4-1 3. AND1 SPL 3-1 4. Beach Warriors 4-2 5. NCAA Boys 3-2 6. Free Agents 2-3 7. Sunblock 2-3 8. Jet Lux 1-4 9. Well Respected 1-4 10. White Collars 0-4   Week 1 12:30 ROTN -80 vs Jet Lux-78 1:45 NCAA Boys-73 vs White Collars-51 3:00 […]