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VBL in Sports Illustrated China


  PAGE 1   Although Hollywood is not far from here, don’t think the Los Angeles Basketball is all about entertainment. Entertainment is important, however, basketball is more important.   PAGE 2 Nick Ansom, born in France, has been running for the Venice Beach League in his young age. Today, He is our guide in the trip of southern California ... Read More »



APL ELITE “STACKED” 6-0 Go Athletics “The Youngins” 4-2 “Swagged Out” PC Peregrines 4-2 United Nations “Showtime” 3-2 Long Beach “Lights Out” 2-4 NCAA boys “Stay in school” 2-4 The White Collars “Valley Boys” 2-4 Team Advantage “Fundamentals” 1-4 Compton “Thunder Cats” 1-4 WHO WILL BE CROWNED CHAMPION THIS SEASON!     VBL 2012 Winter/Spring League Schedule   Week 1: ... Read More »



Photos By Morris Morning What a day it was for the VBL’s season finale which took place this past Saturday, September 3rd, 2011 at the legendary Venice basketball courts! We’ve added another page in the history books as the day was filled with festivities and fun for family and friends. The KVBL finished off its last day of camp, the ... Read More »

Nike 3on3 part 2 VBL GoonZ take the Crown

What a great event AEG put together for the second consecutive year. . The competition in the elite division rose to an other level, with 32 teams battling for the $10,000 package the generous sponsors put together. VBL was stronger than ever with 8 teams represented in the tournament and Top 7 were all VBL teams. It was a great ... Read More »

VeniceBall @ Westwood Rec Re-opening..

Jay Boogie, The Male Model, The Beast, Hollywizzle, Air Dogg, Sick wit It, Primeee, Jon Nash, Special delivery, Ladies man, Mouth Piece on the coaching end…. Lets not forget DB aka The Legend on the Mic. We were all there for the grand re-opening of this legendary gym…. Read More »

That fine event, that final dunk…


What a game… It was down to the nitty griity, 45 sec to play, The Grinches are on a run and coming back to a 6 point deficit. Sick wit It kicks the ball to Special Delivery in the corner, Beast running down the court and S.D. throws him a high sharp pass. It looks like there was no way ... Read More »