Jude “Hollywizzle” Thomas aka “The painted face” is still BALLIN’

Holliwizzle Keeps it going and will never stop! Stay tuned for his future films and business ventures… Hollywizzle aka The Painted Face has been putting in work since the beginning of the Millennium. Ever since he was playing at Fairfax High in LA he always mastered his tricks combining them with the fundamentals of basketball. […]

VeniceBall casting agency makes television more exciting… SPORTLETS Coming out on Warner Cable

This past week VeniceBall casting agency organized for Hollywizzle, K Money (Hollywood Hoops) and The General (Sunblock) to be part of a new TV show for Nickelodeon. They had a blast on set as they were doing what they normally do. The kids loved it. PRODUCER just sent me the info. Stay tuned… We have […]