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NBA Rappers!

So many hoopers gave their shot at a parallel rap career or was it just for fun!? Here are some of my favorite tracks and videos. Cedric Ceballos Ol’ School Venice Beach Style Who else but Shaq Diesel and his funky vibe! Must Shoutout to the best in the game featuring a VBL All Star […]

NBA Lockout. Let’s make it fair

Lockout on the way…Interesting to see that the average player makes $5Million and they are complaining about their salary. I believe that no player should be making more than 1M and half of profits should go towards fighting world hunger and educating the youth. What a business it has become! What ever happened to the […]

Globe Trotters get inspired from Venice Beach 80′s Rules

Back in the 80′s during Kenn Hicks and Ron Beals era we used to play 2,3,4,5 and 6 pointers in Venice Beach. It seems like they will incorporate a 4pt shot for the Globe Trotters game. We were thinking to bring back the 4pt shot behind the red line. What do you guys think? The […]

Blake Griffin Best POSTER Dunker in The NBA

Although the Clippers might not win much, Blake Griffin will guarantee you get your moneys worth in Slam Dunks and entertainment when you come down to The Staples Center. !!!! UNBELIEVABLEE

Top 10 Dunk Contests

The evolution of dunking is going to new heights but you gotta recognize the Old School for inspiring our generation . Would be fun to see Dominique go at it with Air up There and Spud Webb VS T-Dubb. The art is still alive and contests are taking place all over the world… Records are […]