Halloween Extravaganza Gallery

Our 3 on 3 tournament went down in history as the first ever costume co-ed basketball tournament. We had 18 teams of all ages up to 68 years old and as young as 8. The sun was shining at it’s brightest all day and went down in a wild Halloween orange to kick off the […]

Jeremy Piven The King of Trick Shots wins against all odds… The NBA has no match for him

Jeremy stayed a foot back has he is scared of heights. He was the only one out of 4 contestants to make this amazing shot. He came confident and ready to make it happen. The participants included Ronald McDonald himself, Rick Fox from the Lakers and Vinny Del Negro… Check it out. “It is indeed […]

ThrowbackBack 2008 Photos…

It’s not too many photographers that still use film. Gotta give it up to my boy Marimas for taking those great pictures and actually taking the time to print them… no photoshop. We are privileged to have great artists show up week after week. Check him out DJ Ansom in action supervised by DJ Aden […]