Jude “Hollywizzle” Thomas aka “The painted face” is still BALLIN’

Holliwizzle Keeps it going and will never stop! Stay tuned for his future films and business ventures… Hollywizzle aka The Painted Face has been putting in work since the beginning of the Millennium. Ever since he was playing at Fairfax High in LA he always mastered his tricks combining them with the fundamentals of basketball. […]

VBL crew rockin for an amazing Music Video for

For this great cast Big Chiddy, Zig-Zag, Holliwyzzle, Ansom and Marques Ryan came up with a great concept for a music video for Steriogram. The idea is to shoot the top athletes in every extreme sports wearing the band members masks. It was very tricky to see coming up for the dunk or handling the […]