4th Episode on JULY 10th-

July 3rd 2011 -WE WILL HAVE A SHOWCASE ALL STAR GAME @ 2PM to keep you entertained! FEATURED GAME OF THE DAY 12-45pm: “White Collars” Rep Interactive (2-1) VS  Team Advantage ( 1-0) VS RIVALRY GAME 2pm: Real Goods “SunBlock” (0-2) VS  South of the border “Jalapenos” (1-0) VS SHOWCASE 3.15pm: Team “Mazel Tough” (0-2) […]

Celebrity game June 18th to support our Youth!

Words from the commissioner: My name is Damon Glymph and I am the Executive Director of David Bing Academy of Finance HS, a new charter school in the city of Los Angeles.  I am trying to bring attention my school as well as community awareness to the importance of financial literacy.  David Bing Academy is […]