VBL 7th Episode .. We are back at the Beach every Sunday till the End of summer

  As usual KVBL will happen from 9am to 12.30pm. Make sure all campers bring back their sustainable water bottles T-shirts and bathing suit if they plan on surfing OPENING GAME 1:00 pm Sunblock VS  Mazel Tough RIVALRY GAME 2:15 pm Mean Ones VS Skid Row SHOWCASE 3:00 pm United Nations VS White Collars MAIN […]

VeniceBall is BACK. Pre-Season/WCBL/ Dunk Contest May15th

This Sundays we will welcome a trial team of great athletes that represent the corporate world and see what they are made of. They will go against some new comers and some of your VBL favorites. We will play on the legendary courts as The American Ninja Warriors took over the blue court Noon: VBL […]