Week 1
P4E 52
Green Lights 49
Week 1
Sunblock 73
Project Backboard 67
Week 1
Pasadena Bodybuilding 91
Clutch Pandas 80
Week 1
China Elite 55
Los Fearless 51
Week 1
1% Performance 63
We Are Chance 64
Week 2
P4E 57
We Are Chance 63
Week 2
The Empire 70
Los Fearless 61
Week 2
1% Performance 87
China Elite 89
Week 2
Project Backboard 109
The Undrafted 93
Week 2
Green Lights 78
Pasadena Bodybuilding 81
Week 3
P4E 79
Sunblock 84
Week 3
1% Performance 66
Project Backboard 73
Week 3
Pasadena Bodybuilding 61
China Elite 63
Week 3
The Empire 56
The Undrafted 53
Week 3
Green Lights 78
Clutch Pandas 64
Week 4
Clutch Pandas 71
Sunblock 82
Week 4
China Elite 78
P4E 77
Week 4
P4E 57
Los Fearless 55
Week 4
We Are Chance 63
Project Backboard 62
Week 4
Clutch Pandas 75
China Elite 76
Week 4
Green Lights 87
The Undrafted 55
Week 4
Pasadena Bodybuilding 84
1% Performance 86
Week 5
The Undrafted 70
Clutch Pandas 76
Week 5
Los Fearless 68
1% Performance 66
Week 5
P4E 53
Pasadena Bodybuilding 74
Week 5
Sunblock 60
We Are Chance 49
Week 5
Project Backboard 92
Green Lights 65
Week 6
Los Fearless 69
The Undrafted 55
Week 6
The Empire 63
We Are Chance 59
Week 6
Sunblock 73
1% Performance 78
Week 6
The Empire 78
Clutch Pandas 79
Week 6
Pasadena Bodybuilding 86
Green Lights 91
Week 7
Los Fearless 63
We Are Chance 56
Week 7
Project Backboard 71
The Empire 62
Week 7
China Elite 74
The Undrafted 62
Week 7 Playoff Q.
Green Lights 80
The Undrafted 73
Week 7 Playoff Q.
We Are Chance 58
P4E 67
Week 7 Playoff Q.
Pasadena Bodybuilding 88
Clutch Pandas 100
Week 7 Playoff Q.
Los Fearless 62
1% Performance 56

The Beast is crowned Best 1 on 1 player in the world, The King of The Rock

 Beast aka TREX held it down Saturday for The VBL. He has been our most loyal player since summer 2007, 2 TIMES MVP, a true competitor, indoor or outdoor Tarron truly loves this game and makes NO EXCUSES. Lookout for his HIGHLIGHT Videos coming out real soon! HE WAS TOO TOUGH TOO STRONG FOR THE COMPETITION

 image_proxy_large    image_proxy_large-8 image_proxy_large-7 image_proxy_large-6 image_proxy_large-5 image_proxy_large-4 image_proxy_large-3 image_proxy_large-2


SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 29, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — It has been 50 years since Alcatraz was home to America’s most notorious criminals. This year, for the fourth and final time, sixty-four of the toughest international street ballers gathered on one of the world’s most iconic and recognizable locations for the Red Bull King of the Rock Finals before the one-on-one basketball competition heads to Taiwan in 2014. The talent pool was better than ever, as half of the final eight players were from outside of the U.S

The one-on-one basketball tournament brought 64 of the best players from 19 countries to face off in one of the most notorious locations on earth. Amidst the crumbling walls and the eerily lit cell house, in front of hundreds of spectators, including guest host, basketball All-Star Blake Griffin, the players battled each other on the cracked and cold concrete in The Yard. But there can be only one king, and at the end of the night it was Tarron “The Beast” Williams who was left standing to take the trophy. The 36-year-old from Inglewood, Calif., who got his nickname from Baron Davis, overcame severe leg cramps suffered in the semifinals to shut down Sergio de la Fuente from Spain, 6-0, and left The Rock as The Champ.

“It was a tough battle,” said Williams. “I was starting to cramp up, but I had to keep going and not let my fans down. I’m proud of myself. I trained hard, rode my bike to work and played basketball outside late at night, sometimes with no lights.”

The 64 players relied on endurance and composure as they battled through fierce competition, cold temperatures and the worn concrete courts. With four half courts in simultaneous game play, the action was intense and almost nonstop.

“Red Bull King of the Rock was an unbelievable experience,” said Griffin. “This has got to be the coolest basketball event I’ve ever been to. The atmosphere, the crowd, the players, it’s streetball at its finest. It’s not just an American-dominated sport anymore. Having four international players in the final eight shows you that great basketball players come from all over the world.”

The night was full of upsets, as two-time defending champion, Hugh “Baby Shaq” Jones, and 2010 winner, Izeah “Clutch” Bowman, both were eliminated in the second round.


Porter Mayberry, a 5’5″ YouTube dunking sensation, won the #dunklikeblake social media contest and had the opportunity to thrill the crowd with an array of dunks. Additionally, a few select players were part of a dunk contest and it was San Diego’s Dontae Burnett who Griffin and Jimmy Spithill, skipper of the America’s Cup-winning Oracle Team USA, judged the best.

First held in 2010, Red Bull King of the Rock is the only official sporting event held on Alcatraz and the first time basketball has been played on The Rock since the inmates left the island 50 years ago. This year the event included players from not only the United States but also Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Brazil, Czech Republic, Georgia, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Taiwan, Tunisia and United Arab Emirates.

Of the 64 players that participated on The Rock, 30 earned their spot through one of the 21 U.S. qualifiers, 19 from the international qualifiers and 13 were U.S. wild cards, in addition to Baby Shaq and Clutch, the two previous winners. Competing players included (listed by player number):

— Lukas Kraus, Czech Republic

— Kenny Willis, Scottsdale, AZ

— Josiah Claw, Scottsdale, AZ

— Rodriquez Cobb, Ft. Bliss/El Paso, TX

— Marcus Brock, Las Vegas, NV

— Derrick Lemuel, Las Vegas, NV

— Tanios “Toni” Serhan, Lebanon

— Mubarak Marzouk, Kuwait

— Carleton Spencer, Wild Card, USA

— Davontae Stanley, Venice Beach, CA

— Gary Rice, St. Louis, MO

— Christian Anderson, Atlanta, GA

— Karl Hollingsworth, Atlanta, GA

— Andre Emmett, Dallas, TX

— Demetric Shaw, Dallas, TX

— Vakhtang Kadaria, Republic of Georgia

— Amil Hamzayev, Azerbaijan

— Julian Conyers, Wild Card, USA

— Aaron Tatum, Wild Card, USA

— Zack Bajric, UAE

— Nicholas Stigger, Memphis, TN

— Mike McCowan, Oklahoma City, OK

— Kendrick Cornelius, Oklahoma City, OK

— Tommy Gard, Wild Card, USA

— Sergio de la Fuente, Spain

— Hideki Mitsui, Japan

— Mike Scott, Wild Card, USA

— Izeah “Clutch” Bowman, Winner ’10

— Hugh “Baby Shaq” Jones, Winner ’11 & ’12

— Avery Stevenson, Oklahoma City, OK

— Westher Molteni, Italy

— Mahmood Aziz, Bahrain

— Leandro Souza de Lima, Brazil

— Jen-Chieh “Granger” Ku, Taiwan

— Farouk Bousalem, Tunisia

— Olushala Ajanku, Miami, FL

— Giovanni Riley, Milwaukee, WI

— Adam Xu, Hong Kong

— Abdallah Abuqoura, Jordan

— Terry Littlejohn II, Detroit, MI

— Tarron Williams, Los Angeles, CA

— Joseph Sanders, Wild Card, USA

— Terry McQueen, Raleigh, NC

— Damien Humphrey, Raleigh, NC

— Dominique Denning, Louisville, KY

— Mikhail Gunter, Russia

— Roman Evseev, Russia

— Benjamin Schulte-Bisping, Wild Card, USA

— Charles Porter, Chicago, IL

— Yahosubia “Yoshi” Craig, Chicago, IL

— Eric McPherson, Cleveland, OH

— Lamonte Germany, Cleveland, OH

— Sheldon Bailey, San Diego, CA

— Dontae Burnett, San Diego, CA

— Toni Blazan, Austria

— Nikola Vujovic, Serbia

— Darroll Phillips, Oakland, CA

— Chad Johnson, Oakland, CA

— Joshua Brewster, Wild Card, USA

— Jerome Smith Jr. Wild Card, USA

— Santwon Latunde, Wild Card, USA

— Dante Green, Wild Card, USA

— Willamu Faiivae, Wild Card, USA

— Kris Gibbs Smith, Wild Card, USA

Both the Qualifiers and the Finals on Alcatraz followed a straightforward concept where players went head-to-head in raw outdoor basketball, using a single-elimination tournament bracket. Games lasted five minutes and were subject to regulation hoops rules and scoring (two and three pointers). Players had to be tough to make it to The Rock, but also had to play smart – five fouls equaled an automatic loss. After each game, the loser walked, and the winner faced his next opponent.

Red Bull teamed up with EA Sports, adidas, and SOL Republic for this historic event.

For more information, visit www.redbull.com/kingoftherock.

Through the Red Bull network, hi-res video and still images are captured and made immediately available for editorial use for all media channels including television, film, print, mobile, and digital. The content is centrally located in the Red Bull Content Pool for media partners at www.redbullcontentpool.com.


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