Week 1
P4E 52
Green Lights 49
Week 1
Sunblock 73
Project Backboard 67
Week 1
Pasadena Bodybuilding 91
Clutch Pandas 80
Week 1
China Elite 55
Los Fearless 51
Week 1
1% Performance 63
We Are Chance 64
Week 2
P4E 57
We Are Chance 63
Week 2
The Empire 70
Los Fearless 61
Week 2
1% Performance 87
China Elite 89
Week 2
Project Backboard 109
The Undrafted 93
Week 2
Green Lights 78
Pasadena Bodybuilding 81
Week 3
P4E 79
Sunblock 84
Week 3
1% Performance 66
Project Backboard 73
Week 3
Pasadena Bodybuilding 61
China Elite 63
Week 3
The Empire 56
The Undrafted 53
Week 3
Green Lights 78
Clutch Pandas 64
Week 4
Clutch Pandas 71
Sunblock 82
Week 4
China Elite 78
P4E 77
Week 4
P4E 57
Los Fearless 55
Week 4
We Are Chance 63
Project Backboard 62
Week 4
Clutch Pandas 75
China Elite 76
Week 4
Green Lights 87
The Undrafted 55
Week 4
Pasadena Bodybuilding 84
1% Performance 86
Week 5
The Undrafted 70
Clutch Pandas 76
Week 5
Los Fearless 68
1% Performance 66
Week 5
P4E 53
Pasadena Bodybuilding 74
Week 5
Sunblock 60
We Are Chance 49
Week 5
Project Backboard 92
Green Lights 65
Week 6
Los Fearless 69
The Undrafted 55
Week 6
The Empire 63
We Are Chance 59
Week 6
Sunblock 73
1% Performance 78
Week 6
The Empire 78
Clutch Pandas 79
Week 6
Pasadena Bodybuilding 86
Green Lights 91
Week 7
Los Fearless 63
We Are Chance 56
Week 7
Project Backboard 71
The Empire 62
Week 7
China Elite 74
The Undrafted 62
Week 7 Playoff Q.
Green Lights 80
The Undrafted 73
Week 7 Playoff Q.
We Are Chance 58
P4E 67
Week 7 Playoff Q.
Pasadena Bodybuilding 88
Clutch Pandas 100
Week 7 Playoff Q.
Los Fearless 62
1% Performance 56

Christmas by the beach! 3 on 3 tournamnent for Kids



Make sure to join us this year for our Toy drive events. It always feels good to give to the less fortunate. Bless up!


Download CODE OF CONDUCT must Sign

Tournament RULES

1. Sportsmanship

Basketball is a competitive sport but it’s also a team sport. Therefore, good sportsmanship and respect for teammates, oppo-
nents, referees, and spectators will be expected from every singe participant. Team captains, coaches, and parents are
expected to aid in controlling the conduct of anyone associated with the team, and will be looked upon as a spokesman for the
team. Poor sportsmanship will NOT be tolerated and will result in a warning followed by ejection from the tournament deter-
mined by referees or tournament officials. Acts such as fighting, taunting, cursing, or verbally attacking any person are just
some examples of bad sportsmanship that will NOT be tolerated. Decisions made by tournament officials are final and are not
subject to review by any sources.

2. Fouls

All shooting fouls will result in one free throw for 2 or 3 points. No And 1 rule – If a player is fouled while shooting 2 or 3 points will be granted accordingly.
Fouls committed in the act of dribbling or passing will result in maintained possession for team that was fouled. Each team is allotted 8 team fouls per game, after the
tenth team foul, all fouls are considered “shooting fouls, after 8th fouls the player will shoot one shot for 2 points.
Offensive fouls result in a change of possession. Players that amass 5 personal fouls will foul out and have to sit the remainder of the game.

A. Technical and Flagrant Fouls

Technical or flagrant fouls will be determined by referees when a play or action is deemed unsportsmanlike or dangerous.
These fouls will result in one free throw and possession of the ball. Two technical/flagrant fouls by any team in one game will
result in a forfeit for that game.

3. Stalling

Stalling or the deliberate “slowing down” of the game in order to gain an unfair advantage is STRICTLY prohibited. The first
offense will result in a warning and the second offense will result in a technical foul against the offending team.
4. Length of Game (All Divisions)
-15 minute games
-Running clock periods except during free throws in the final minute of the game.
-If teams are tied after regulation, teams will play a sudden death overtime period in which case the first team to score a basket
wins the game. The first possession of the overtime period is determined by alternating possession.
-Each team will only be allotted one 30 second timeout per game. If teams are tied after regulation, teams will NOT receive an
additional timeout for the sudden death overtime period.
-Substitutions may be made only during a timeout or “dead ball situation.”

5. Checked Ball

The ball must be “checked” by an opposing player before it is put into play. The ball must then be passed to begin play.
6. Change of Possession
The ball will change possession after each scored basket and all made free throws with the exception of technical/flagrant foul
free throws. There will be no “winner’s” rule.

7. Taking the Ball Back

The ball must be “taken back” on each change of possession, regardless of whether or not a shot was attempted. “Taking it
back” means bringing your whole body and the ball behind the three point arc before attempting a shot to the basket. Every
time the ball goes out of bounds the team with possession must take the ball back behind the three point arc before they can
attempt a field goal. Failure to “take it back” will result in a loss of possession and a loss of any points scored during that

8. Held Ball/Jump Ball Situation

In a jump ball situation, the ball will first go to the team that lost the opening coin toss with alternating possession thereafter.

9. Tournament Format

The tournament format will be pool play followed by bracket style playoffs. For pool play, each team plays 3 games. The top 16
teams from each division advance to the playoff bracket. Teams are ranked by best record in pool play. Tie-Breaker will be
determined by average point differential of all three games (i.e. If Team A wins game one by 2 points, game two by 8 points,
and loses game three by 7 points, then Team A’s point differential for its three games averaged out is +1 differential).

10. Scoring

Each made basket is worth two points, unless the player is behind the three point arc in which case the basket is worth three
points. Each successful free throw is worth one point.



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