Week 1
P4E 52
Green Lights 49
Week 1
Sunblock 73
Project Backboard 67
Week 1
Pasadena Bodybuilding 91
Clutch Pandas 80
Week 1
China Elite 55
Los Fearless 51
Week 1
1% Performance 63
We Are Chance 64
Week 2
P4E 57
We Are Chance 63
Week 2
The Empire 70
Los Fearless 61
Week 2
1% Performance 87
China Elite 89
Week 2
Project Backboard 109
The Undrafted 93
Week 2
Green Lights 78
Pasadena Bodybuilding 81
Week 3
P4E 79
Sunblock 84
Week 3
1% Performance 66
Project Backboard 73
Week 3
Pasadena Bodybuilding 61
China Elite 63
Week 3
The Empire 56
The Undrafted 53
Week 3
Green Lights 78
Clutch Pandas 64
Week 4
Clutch Pandas 71
Sunblock 82
Week 4
China Elite 78
P4E 77
Week 4
P4E 57
Los Fearless 55
Week 4
We Are Chance 63
Project Backboard 62
Week 4
Clutch Pandas 75
China Elite 76
Week 4
Green Lights 87
The Undrafted 55
Week 4
Pasadena Bodybuilding 84
1% Performance 86
Week 5
The Undrafted 70
Clutch Pandas 76
Week 5
Los Fearless 68
1% Performance 66
Week 5
P4E 53
Pasadena Bodybuilding 74
Week 5
Sunblock 60
We Are Chance 49
Week 5
Project Backboard 92
Green Lights 65
Week 6
Los Fearless 69
The Undrafted 55
Week 6
The Empire 63
We Are Chance 59
Week 6
Sunblock 73
1% Performance 78
Week 6
The Empire 78
Clutch Pandas 79
Week 6
Pasadena Bodybuilding 86
Green Lights 91
Week 7
Los Fearless 63
We Are Chance 56
Week 7
Project Backboard 71
The Empire 62
Week 7
China Elite 74
The Undrafted 62
Week 7 Playoff Q.
Green Lights 80
The Undrafted 73
Week 7 Playoff Q.
We Are Chance 58
P4E 67
Week 7 Playoff Q.
Pasadena Bodybuilding 88
Clutch Pandas 100
Week 7 Playoff Q.
Los Fearless 62
1% Performance 56

RECAPALOOZAA! Oct.1st- A Venice Festival!

The VBL and Scratch Academy will be coming in all day to compete and show the kids a great time while being healthy!


Engaging Youth in Healthy and Creative Activities

Venice, CA- Youth from all over Los Angeles are buzzing about the 1st Annual Recapalooza! on October 1, 2011 from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm at the Venice Beach Recreation Center, 1800 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA 90291 on the Venice Beach Boardwalk. Recapalooza! is a growing community based event bringing together youth from all over Los Angeles to engage in the exploration of healthy recreational activities.

Recapalooza! is produced annually by Devoted to Youth (DTY). Devoted to Youth (DTY) is an emerging non-profit organization committed to fundraising, implementing programs and events serving at-risk youth in underserved communities throughout Los Angeles and surrounding cities. Recapalooza is the brain child of Brady Farmer, President of MC Farmer, Inc., a chef and fitness advocate who’s personal mission is to see urban youth live healthier lifestyles. He believes that if youth receive exposure to the myriad of healthy food and recreation options, they will have the ability to make the common sense choices that lead to a fuller and more enriched life. Recapalooza is also Brady Farmer’s way of giving back to the community and broadening the horizons of youth throughout Los Angeles.

In partnership with Project MuszEd and VeniceBall, Recapalooza! brings you the Teenage Battle of the Bands and Talent Competition produced by DJ Qwess Coast. Registrants are judged by a panel of industry executives. The competition is from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm and runs right into a line-up of headliners such as The Luminaries, Chali 2na and Cali Swag District, all celebrating music from Venice, CA. In further celebration of music from Venice, the Project MuszEd stage features an All-Star Tribute to music icon Teena Marie, who formerly hailed from Venice. The Project MuszEd stage is sponsored by Warehouse Shoe Sale, who’s street team will be on hand to facilitate prizes, raffles and giveaway items.

For more information on Recapalooza log onto www.devotedtoyouth.org/events

For more information on Project MuszEd log onto www.projectmuszed.org

Artist Line UP



RainBow Mars Introduction

Christian Brothers



Mercedes Robinson York



Project MuszED



Council Men Presentation

1:40pm- 1:55pm

1:55pm -2:05pm
Kanary Diamonds

2:10pm -2:25pm
Wood Works

2:30pm -2:55pm TinTin DJ

2:55pm – 3:10pm
Greg Cypes

3:10pm- 3:25pm

3:30pm -3:35pm Kidd
5mins 2guitar

3:40pm – 3:55pm
Iman Omari

4:20pm – 4:35pm
Still Standing

5pm -5:15pm Dessy

5:30pm -5:45pm
Charlie 2na

5:45pm – 6pm Teena Marie Tribute

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