Week 1
P4E 52
Green Lights 49
Week 1
Sunblock 73
Project Backboard 67
Week 1
Pasadena Bodybuilding 91
Clutch Pandas 80
Week 1
China Elite 55
Los Fearless 51
Week 1
1% Performance 63
We Are Chance 64
Week 2
P4E 57
We Are Chance 63
Week 2
The Empire 70
Los Fearless 61
Week 2
1% Performance 87
China Elite 89
Week 2
Project Backboard 109
The Undrafted 93
Week 2
Green Lights 78
Pasadena Bodybuilding 81
Week 3
P4E 79
Sunblock 84
Week 3
1% Performance 66
Project Backboard 73
Week 3
Pasadena Bodybuilding 61
China Elite 63
Week 3
The Empire 56
The Undrafted 53
Week 3
Green Lights 78
Clutch Pandas 64
Week 4
Clutch Pandas 71
Sunblock 82
Week 4
China Elite 78
P4E 77
Week 4
P4E 57
Los Fearless 55
Week 4
We Are Chance 63
Project Backboard 62
Week 4
Clutch Pandas 75
China Elite 76
Week 4
Green Lights 87
The Undrafted 55
Week 4
Pasadena Bodybuilding 84
1% Performance 86
Week 5
The Undrafted 70
Clutch Pandas 76
Week 5
Los Fearless 68
1% Performance 66
Week 5
P4E 53
Pasadena Bodybuilding 74
Week 5
Sunblock 60
We Are Chance 49
Week 5
Project Backboard 92
Green Lights 65
Week 6
Los Fearless 69
The Undrafted 55
Week 6
The Empire 63
We Are Chance 59
Week 6
Sunblock 73
1% Performance 78
Week 6
The Empire 78
Clutch Pandas 79
Week 6
Pasadena Bodybuilding 86
Green Lights 91
Week 7
Los Fearless 63
We Are Chance 56
Week 7
Project Backboard 71
The Empire 62
Week 7
China Elite 74
The Undrafted 62
Week 7 Playoff Q.
Green Lights 80
The Undrafted 73
Week 7 Playoff Q.
We Are Chance 58
P4E 67
Week 7 Playoff Q.
Pasadena Bodybuilding 88
Clutch Pandas 100
Week 7 Playoff Q.
Los Fearless 62
1% Performance 56



BallinLA.com HoopinLA.com basketballinlosangeles.com basketballinLA

UCLA has had an amazing run every single summer for the last 10 years in the early afternoon where top college players to NBA stars take the court for some fast paste action. I remember going there as a high school kid and getting runs in after the pros. UCLA Men’s Gym is the spot to be.

If you missed The JBL, Drew League and Nike Real Run stay tuned because they are setting up numerous showcases like this one.

Chauncey Billups, Zach Randolph and John Wall are among the more than 40 players who will participate in the “Lockout League” in Las Vegas starting later this month, the New York Times reported Sunday.

Team A

Sebastian Telfair

James Anderson

Kawhi Leonard

Malcolm Lee

Larry Hughes

Marreese Speights

Melvin Ely

Team B

Derek Fisher

Armon Johnson

Josh Selby

Tony Allen

Xavier Silas

Coby Karl

Jeremy Evans

Al Harrington

Stephen Jackson

Gary Forbes

Derrick Caracter

Team C

Kyle Lowry

Jared Dudley

Courtney Lee

Alan Anderson

Hakim Warrick

Austin Daye

Channing Frye

Team D

Chauncey Billups

Iman Shumpert

Damon Jones

Roger Mason Jr.

Jamaal Tinsley

Shawne Williams

Jermaine O’Neal

According to the report, the league’s official name is the Impact Basketball Competitive Training Series. It will be held at the Impact Basketball gymnasium located about two miles from the Las Vegas strip and will feature as many as eight teams, the report said. Read more

Also The HAX hosts greats run and an amazing facility to work on your game.

D League Tryouts this Week HERE FOR INFO

Boost Mobile ® in conjunction with the NBA D-League, the official minor league of the National Basketball Association, will hold the Boost Mobile ® NBA D-League National Tryouts in Los Angeles* and Chicago*. This event will challenge NBA D-League hopefuls, via full-court games, to showcase their skills for NBA D-League player personnel executives, coaches and industry scouts with the hopes of gaining eligibility for the NBA D-League Draft in November.

Los Angeles *


1515 240th St

Harbor City, CA 90710




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